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Welcome to Te Puke Hotel

In February 1894 the Bay of Plenty Times reported on the new Te Puke Hotel. This is the first mention of a hotel on the site of the present building; however no photos appear to survive of this hotel.

1907 at around 7.15pm this hotel, referred to as Kenealy’s Te Puke Hotel or Martin’s Hotel, burnt down.  The blaze was so large that the glare could be seen from Tauranga.  While the fire spread rapidly, most of the liquor and a large quantity of the effects from the ground level were saved.  The fire was thought to have started in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

The current Hotel as it stands was opened on the 6 July 1908.

The hotel was built on designs prepared by Mr. G A Ward, architect and at the time of erecting was pronounced by connoisseurs in hotel structure to be extremely commodious and well suited for its purpose.

Execution of Mr. Ward’s design was carried out by Mr. Thomas E Palmer, the contractor.

Upon opening of the new Hotel the licensee was Adolphus Montgomery.  This was to be the beginning of a long thriving relationship between the Hotel, Adolphus Montgomery & the Montgomery family which in 1944 when the family left the hotel had spanned over seventeen years.

From 1944 until 1999 the Hotel was operated by the brewery. During this time the hotel was run by a series of managers and had a varied and chequered history.

With the Te Puke Hotel suffering from neglect & a lack of TLC In November 1999 she was brought by local family, Des and Shirley McGregor, their daughter Sue and her husband Ash Peat.  The landmark hotel has had a whole new lease of life after renovating and modernizing.  The run down property presented a huge challenge but after a decade of restoration, alterations & additions the Hotel can now start its second century having regained some of the grandeur it was noted for 100 years ago.

With their time as owners of the Hotel spanning over 10 years the McGregors & Peats have strived to renovate & show the property the admiration & respect that it deserves.

Last year the Hotel celebrated its grand old birthday mile stone of 100 years.

With celebrations spanning over 3 days locals, past employee’s & guests of the hotel come together from as far away as Australia to rekindle memories, share stories & catch up with old foes.

The final act on the last evening was for John Luxton (toastmaster and grandson of the McGregors) to ask guests  to raise their glasses in a toast at in honor of the grand old Lady.