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Encouraging Community Spirit

The owners & their management team at the Hotel are all very passionate about the Te Puke community & its adjoining districts.

Over the years the hotel has supported, sponsored, hosted & been involved in many fundraiser events & festivals. The Hotel has sponsored a variety of sports teams, schools, organisations profit & non profit.

Our facilities provide a base for local community meetings and gatherings including the Lions and Rotary.

“We are very proud of our community & what it has achieved in the past, what it is doing at present & where it will be heading in the future.”

“We feel privileged & honoured to be involved in & take part in any way that we can to support & encourage a strong vibrant community”, says Shirley McGregor.

Shirley was one of the original founders of the Te Puke Promotion Association that initiated the Kiwifruit festival which helped put Te Puke on the map. Through the years she has been a pivotal driver & supporter of the festival & the events surrounding it.

In 2008 focus Te Puke, the Kiwifruit Festival Committee & the Community honoured Shirley for her involvement & dedication to the festival at its inaugural ball.

Shirley is not the only owner who actively helps out the community, Ash Peat is also an integral part of Te Puke in his position of the President at the Te Puke Sports Club, home of the Te Puke Sports Pirates champion rugby team.

Ash has been involved in the club as president for nearly 20 years, and continues to provide opportunities for Te Puke Citizens to excel in their sports. Particulary with the clubs dominant rugby teams who have taken out Bay Wide titles and provide great entertainment for passionate Pirates Supporters.

The Te Puke Hotel is proud to be involved in the Te Puke Commuinty, and strive for continual improvement so that we can be the best that we can for our Te Puke locals.


Shirleys Success

After many years of commitment to the Te Puke Community and it’s people, Shirley was awarded with the Lorna Treloar Memorial Citizen of the Year 2014.

Congratulations Shirley on your continual efforts towards our community. We are priviliged to have you on board as an owner of the Te Puke Hotel.

Proud Supporters

The Te Puke Hotel is proud to sponsor and support our homegrown Youth World Champion Natalie Peat. As one of Ash and Sue’s offspring, Natalie has grown up around the walls of the Te Puke Hotel which we believe has contributed to her sporting success over the years. In 2012, Natalie earned 3 Youth World Championship Titles in Surf Life Saving.