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Meet the Owners

In 1999 the Hotel was purchased by present owners Des and Shirley McGregor, Ash & Sue Peat.

Des & Shirley moved from Tauranga to Te Puke in 1960. They purchased a small four square and liquor store on the site that now houses Blackett’s Pharmacy.

50 years ago wine was bought in Kegs and then was used to fill quart flagons. Des and Shirley were purchasing a variety of Ports, Sherry and Madeira. Virtually no table wines were sold.

As the business grew, Shirley moved the wine component of the business to the other side of the street near the site that they are still on today. Shirley played an active role in the New Zealand Wine Merchants Association which was a win-win situation – her assisting the industry and at the same time gathering an immense wealth of knowledge on wine.

The supermarket was sold and Des became a commercial traveller for many years with grocery companies and then New Zealand Wines and Spirits.

Shirley moved from the original site and moved the business just one door down to the old Barraud’s Motor’s site on the corner of Jellicoe and Jocelyn Street.

When the Sale of Liquor Act hit New Zealand in 1989 allowing wine stores to sell Spirits and beer, the existing premises needed expanding to deal with the growth. Shirley also needed more hands on deck so Des retired from travelling and came back to assist Shirley full-time in the business.

In 1990 Ash and Sue joined the family business and after many years as a Farmer and Orchardist, Ashley became a full time fixture in the newly named McGregor’s Wholesale Liquor.

Ash has vast knowledge & experience in the liquor industry in particular fine wines from NZ & abroad.

He is currently on the executive of Cellar Select – a buying group made up of fine wine retailers within New Zealand.

He is an avid sportsman & has been involved for years in Te Puke Sports & on local school boards.

Sue started off her working career in the banking side of New Zealand Post Office & part time as a barmaid at the Coachman Tavern, Paengaroa. She then moved to the office at the Te Puke branch of the Tauranga Electric Power Board in 1983 where she worked for 8 years before leaving to give birth to her & Ash’s first born Allannah.

Sue worked part-time in the office of McGregor’s until 1999 when the McGregors & Peats purchased the Te Puke Hotel. Sue was moved over the road to the Hotel where she still is performing her duties as Managing Director.

With their time as owners of the Hotel spanning over 15 years the McGregors & Peats have strived to renovate & show the property the admiration & respect that it deserves.